There is a lot you may not know about your commuting companions, truckers, or the trucks they traverse the country in, so we feel it’s our duty to educate you! Trust us, they’re anything but boring. From scenic cross-country rides to the specs that make their engines roar, it’s no surprise this industry has a high career satisfaction rate and is expected to grow by 21% in the next ten years.

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  1. This is not just a ‘man’s job’! There are over 200,000 women who drive long haul trucks in the US today and that number is increasing.

  2. Due to great improvements in emissions, it would take over 60 clean diesel trucks to equal the amount of exhaust emissions produced by a single truck from 1988.

  3. The trucking industry loves small businesses! 90% of the trucking industry is built up by small trucking companies with only 10 or even less trucks.

  4. Trucking accounts for roughly 70% of all freight transport in the states.

  5. Not only is the industry itself increasing, so is the average wage for truck drivers in the US.

  6. On average, truckers log 105,000 miles each year.

  7. One of every fourteen jobs in the US is created or touched by the trucking industry.

  8. If every truck in use in the US were to be lined up, you’d reach the moon!

  9. Average cars can travel about 200,000 miles before reaching their time of retirement, but not trucks! Trucks can travel more than a million miles before it’s time to lay them to rest.

  10. Trucks need about 40% more stops along the road than cars do.

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The trucking industry is a vital, vibrant part of the fabric of the United States. It is no exaggeration to say that they are the backbone of the economy. Without them goods wouldn’t be shipped, imports wouldn’t reach distant cities or states and entire industries would fail. Trucks and the drivers who run them deserve every ounce of credit you can think of, and our hat is off to them!

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