4 Benefits of Virtual Technician for Your Truck

They say that information is power, which is certainly true when it comes to your fleet. The more you know about how each individual truck is operating, the better you can prepare for maintenance and other factors that will impact your company’s profitability. Fortunately for fleet managers, Freightliner and Western Star Trucks now come with Virtual Technician, a truck technology that practically puts you in the passenger’s seat of every vehicle out on the road.

How Virtual TechnicianWorks

Many drivers have some experience with their rigs and can make basic repairs or maintenance if necessary. When something goes wrong it’s hard for a driver to know if it requires immediate attention, if it requires the help of a professional service technician, or if it’s something they can quickly take care of on their own. Virtual Technician™ takes all the guesswork out of vehicle issues by providing up-to-the-minute information any time a fault occurs. Here’s a timeline of what happens when the “check engine” light pops up on the dashboard of a truck equipped with this technology:

  1. Without stopping, the vehicle transmits the data to the Detroit Customer Support Center (DCSC), along with information about the severity of the issue, and engine data from immediately before, during, and after the problem occurred (if necessary).
  2. A knowledgeable technician at the DCSC reviews the information, identifies the problem, and relays that information to the fleet manager.
  3. Based on the analysis, the driver might be contacted by his/her fleet manager and instructed to go to a nearby service location, or may be notified that it’s something that can wait.
  4. If it requires immediate service, a notification is sent to the nearest service center so they can expect the vehicle and have the parts in stock.

This information eliminates the guesswork for drivers so they won’t make unnecessary maintenance or service stops if there is something that can wait (or a minor repair they can take care of on their own), and reduces the chance of a catastrophic breakdown that will sideline the truck and the driver for an extended period of time.

Key Benefits the System Provides

The key to the success of the Detroit engine’s Virtual Technician™ is integration with the vehicle. The system is tapped into critical vehicle performance systems and tracks information throughout each trip to help identify faults and provide immediate diagnosis. This provides several benefits to fleet managers and drivers:

  • Saves money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance or service
  • Drivers can be alerted to service issues before they lead to breakdowns
  • When service is required, the vehicle system can alert the service center about the problem and expected arrival of the truck so they can have the parts in stock and ready to make the repairs immediately
  • Experienced technicians review the data and provide diagnosis so drivers don’t have to guess what the problem might be

The “check engine” light could be anything from simple repairs to critical engine problems, and having a remote diagnostic system integrated in your vehicle means less downtime, more time on the road, and reduced maintenance costs over the long run. Find out more about Virtual Technician at Warner Truck Centers today.

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