Though it raised some eyebrows when it was first introduced in 2013, the Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission has not only been accepted by the trucking industry, it’s now requested by more and more customers. We’re proud to add it to our company’s list of technological innovations.

That got us thinking of other great people and things to come out of the city of Detroit, champions and products that, like the DT12, will always be associated with a certain number. So we made a list: 

  1. Joe Louis – “The Brown Bomber” is rated the No. 1 heavyweight of all time.
  2. Charles Gehringer – The Hall of Famer wore No. 2 for 19 seasons for the Tigers.
  3. Alan Trammell – The All-Star shortstop wore No. 3 and played his entire career with the Tigers.
  4. The Four Tops – The quartet helped define the Motown sound.
  5. MC5 – This furious band paved the way for virtually every alt-rock group to follow.
  6. Al Kaline – No. 6’s nickname is “Mr. Tiger.” Enough said.
  7. Ted Lindsay – “Terrible Ted” was part of the “Production Line” for the Red Wings.
  8. The V8 – The engine wasn’t invented in Detroit; just perfected there.
  9. Gordie Howe – “Mr. Hockey” won the Stanley Cup with the Red Wings four times.
  10. Rusty Staub – In 1978, No. 10 became the first player to play in all 162 games as a DH.
  11. Isiah Thomas – No. 11 led the Pistons “Bad Boys” to two NBA championships.
  12. The DT12 – Short for Detroit Transmission 12 speed.

We know we didn’t mention all the greats! Comment and tell us who you’d add to this list, or find us on Facebook and Twitter to weigh in.     

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