Not everyone has a career in driving, of course, but most people that have a career also drive. How do truckers stand apart in a word where almost everyone drives? It’s their understanding of safety! Many of the tricks and tips that truckers have implemented in their driving routine could be adopted by drivers, like yourself, who are simply seeking to travel safely.

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Be Aware of Your Blind Spots

Utilizing the mirrors to your right, left, and above your head allows you to be aware of your surroundings while cruising, but what about those infamous blindspots? A trucker knows the danger of a minute without those being checked, but do you? In a single second, a hybrid can disappear into nothingness in your blind spot. Avoid this by checking your rights and lefts regularly with a small head movement.


Avoid Drowsiness while Driving

This tip begins when you hit the pillow. Receiving enough rest each night will prepare you for the road ahead. And in the case that you don’t receive enough Zzz’s to stay focused on the road? Pull over and take a quick catnap. After all, it’s what the safest of truckers would do. Better to be late for something than suffer an accident.


Check Weather Reports

Whether you’re commuting to the office or trekking across America, be sure to check road conditions before heading out of your house. Postponing a vacation or taking the day out of the office to work from home will be well worth it in the long run when both you and your car are still in one piece at the end of the day. Truckers know this all too well. Weather can be the difference between an on-time delivery or a late one. Never discount the importance of the weather when you are driving.


Leave Room for Error

You may not be stopping a 60,000 lb truck, but the practice of allowing cushion space in front of your vehicle can save you from some serious headaches, especially when traveling at high speeds. And remember to be extra careful around trucks like ours on the road. They can’t stop as quickly as you can and need a lot more room to be safe. Keep that in mind.


Exercise Caution in Unique Circumstances

A frosty bridge or work zone provides the circumstances in which you could take a minute to slow down and exercise caution. After all, the consequences of arriving late to your destination definitely outweigh the consequences of not arriving at all.


Heed the Dying of the Daylight

When the sun comes down, your alertness must rise also. Driving in the dark hours can be risky business, so taking extra caution during that time is absolutely necessary. Vision can also become blurry when the sun leaves for the night, so don’t feel ashamed of asking your optometrist for a prescription that will allow you to see in 20/20 on the road ahead.


Stay alert out there! We will see you at the next rest stop.

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