The gorgeous Freightliner Cascadia


One of our favorite trucks we’ve ever come across is the beautiful, powerful and multifaceted Freightliner Cascadia in 2013. With a bevy of different amenities to choose from, they provide some of the most versatile options you could ask for, all without compromising that trusted Freightliner reliability. It was tough to narrow down, but here are our top 5 favorite facts about the 2013 Freightliner Cascadia! Let us know if you think we missed any!


1. Detroit Power

Our Freightliner Cascadias are powered by the tough, reliable and fuel-efficient Detroit DD15 engine. It’s a classic powerplant for a reason. With features like the BlueTec® SCR emissions technology and 90% peak torque in just 1.5 seconds, the DD15 leaves you wanting for nothing when on the road in your Freightliner Cascadia.


2. The cab of the Cascadia Freightliner is endorsed with insulation, for a quiet ride

Curved walls and noise-dampening insulation keeps this cab quiet enough for conversations with your favorite driving partner. Not only does a quiet cab lead to improved conversation, but more importantly, studies have shown that a loud cab affects a driver’s onboard sleep. Without those precious hours of shut eye, reactions on the road can slow. A little less sound goes a long way for the safety and happiness of any trucker in the Cascadia.



3. Features a mighty ventilation system for comfort on the road

Since 2007 when the first Cascadia Freightliner was built, the Cascadia’s HVAC system has been completely modernized. This model features a large condenser to lower the system pressure and prolong the life of components, so truckers can be more comfortable on the road.


4. Options, options options

Nothing cools you down or keeps you alert on the road quite like a chilled Coke, and with the available area for a fridge in the 2013 Cascadia, you can always have one ready. There is room for a mini fridge, microwave or even a TV if you want. Customize the cab just the way you need it to be well rested and back on the road.  Just one more reason to love a Freightliner.


5. ESPAR Heating

The ESPAR is a handy heating device for the entire can meaning you can turn the engine off overnight, save gas, and still stay warm and comfortable while sleeping. The come in all of our 2013 Cascadias and they are a total life (and gas) saver. Save money and stay warm, what’s not to love?


The ultra comfortable sleeper section 

Do you have a favorite feature or Freightliner model? We’d love to hear about it!

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