2010 Freightliner Trucks

2010   Freightliner   CASCADIA

Stock #: 81144

Model #: CA125

Miles: 485,690




Freightliner has earned a solid reputation as one of the most respected and recognizable names in the truck manufacturing industry. They currently hold the top spot at Daimler Trucks North America as the company’s largest division. Freightliner’s dedication to the development of innovative design and engineering technologies has helped fleet managers and owner operators from all around the globe power through some of the most challenging conditions to get the job done. This is because their trucks are built for exceptional dependability and optimal safety at their state-of-the-art headquarter facility located in Portland, Oregon.  When you choose Freightliner, you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality truck that will last you throughout the years.


With some of the most advanced and innovative design and engineering for the year at the price of a used model, 2010 Freightliners have it all. If you’re looking to upgrade your fleet with a truck that offers all of the amenities at an awesome value, a 2010 Freightliner is a great choice. Some of the features that can be found on trucks within our selection of 2010 Freightliners include:

  • A DD15 Detroit engine with 505 horsepower
  • A 13 speed manual transmission with 3.42 axle ratio
  • A 72 inch sleeper space and raised roof
  • Aluminum wheels with a 230 inch base


To find the truck that best fits your needs and interests, start by scrolling through our selection of 2010 Freightliners and reading the brief descriptions provided. Once you’ve found one that seems to fit the bill, click the "view truck” button below its description to find its purchase and information page. Here you can view a complete list of product details, a full product description and an image gallery. After you’ve gathered the information you needed from this page, you can either share the product info with a friend or coworker for a second opinion or fill out the contact form to make an image gallery. To share the truck’s information, simply click one of the share or print links below the image gallery.

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