2014 Freightliner Trucks

2014   Freightliner   CASCADIA

Stock #: 81431

Model #: CA125

Miles: 212,858



2014   Freightliner   CASCADIA

Stock #: 81465

Model #: CA125

Miles: 244,161



2014   Freightliner   CORONADO

Stock #: 81273


Miles: 147,930



2014   Freightliner   CASCADIA

Stock #: 81383

Model #: CA125

Miles: 242,995




Since 1942, Freightliner has worked to build their exceptional reputation through the production of highly dependable and efficient trucks. Today, fleet managers and owner operators from across the globe rely on Freightliners advanced engineering and design to power through some of the most punishing road conditions and get the job done. The brand currently holds the top spot at Daimler Trucks North America as the companys largest brand division and is one of the most respected and recognizable manufacturers in the industry. This is because the Freightliner team has worked hard year after year to consistently drive technologically solid and reliable trucks out of their state-of-the-art headquarter facility in Portland, Oregon.


2014 Freightliners offer the most advanced and innovative technology on the road. The mix of Freightliners always exceptional engineering and new 2014 technology make these trucks simply incredible. If youre looking to upgrade your truck with the best truck on the market today, a 2014 Freightliner is definitely for you. Some of the features that can be found on trucks within our selection of 2014 Freightliners include:

  • A DD15 Detroit engine with 455 horsepower
  • A 13 speed manual transmission with a 3.42 axle ratio
  • A 72 inch sleeper space and raised roof
  • Aluminum wheels with a 226 inch base


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