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We specialize in custom solutions for almost all systems related to carriage by Cargo Tanks. Utah Tank & Trailer is a Parker Tractor Hydraulic Center (THC), which allows us to provide a hydraulic solution for any power equipment needs.

Custom Fabrication is accomplished using many specialized tools, including: 12’ x ½” capacity Shear; 12’ Press Brake; 15’ Plate Rolls; 5’ x 10’ Water Table with a 300 Amp High Definition Plasma; a 36” Lathe and numerous other pieces of equipment. We will design, redesign, or duplicate, parts, equipment, or systems, for your specific needs. 

Our parts department has over 7000 items in our inventory, which means we usually have what is needed "In-Stock”. We have a team of expert and friendly parts specialists, who can provide you with the parts you need, when you need them.

Cargo Tank certification and repair is our main business. Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel. From Water to Propane, and almost everything in between. We are an authorized holder of an NBIC "R” Stamp, allowing us to repair all types of Cargo Tanks used in the Transportation of Hazardous Materials. Our DOT CT Number allows us to perform continuing qualification and maintenance of the same Vessels. We have the "Know-How” and the tools and equipment necessary for almost any repair.Our shop has 19 Direct Access Work Bays, and a full complement of Technicians. We pride ourselves on doing things right, and shy away from the corner cutting ways of many companies in the industry.

We design, fabricate and install all manner items, related to the transportation industry – as well as many unrelated items.  Being part of the Warner Truck Centers allows us to team up with our sister companies to provide you with any transportation related needs, all in one place.

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